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Monday, March 20, 2006

Martin Fulton Overkill

I did everything on Saturday. I snowboarded (oh, sorry, I rode) in the mountains, I went out for dinner and was introduced to a friend's super cool new spousoid, and I went to a gig at The Castle. I haven't been to a gig for ages - no wonder I've been feeling aged and bourgeois. Dean Martin of The Summerlad & the Ex-Boyfriends and Lock Fulton of general widespread fame and notoriety have joined forces to form the Martin Fulton Overkill. I recommend seeking them out. Fun! Metal! Guitar-drum duo!

Why is 1st Street so seedy these days? I mean, it's always been decrepit, but at least it used to be fun. Why, I remember when an 18 year old girl with a belly full of Dr. Pepper drop shots (shut up) could stagger up and down that block without fear of snagging her shoes on a corpse. On the other hand, reminiscing about the mid-'90s is doing nothing to assuage my feelings of agedness and bourgeoisness. Neither does the fact that I'm currently "pricing out" life insurance policies.

Lock of Martin Fulton Overkill is staying with me and Dan at the moment. He's alarmingly tall. Dan's tall, yet Lock towers over him. He's about twice as tall as I am. Living with two giants is making me self conscious about the top of my head.


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